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More impressive in person. And its a great night for it, the sky is super clear.

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Moon going into eclipse. Too bad my camera sucks for this kind of thing.

Would be cool if it has a wireless controller and TV dock. Though I bet anything resembling the Switch is patented into oblivion.

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I like the Neptune codename more, they should keep that.

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The SteamPal sounds interesting. I'd buy one.

I hope Subnautica devs are secretly working on Subnautica 3. I'd totally play it.

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Frustrating how many developers don't seem to know or care about Flatpak. Linux users get told to compile from source and that's supposed to be acceptable, yet they'd never tell a Windows user to go do that.

Showerthought: People use a base-1 number system consisting of "great" when referring to grandparents up their family tree.

Running F@H to heat my room. Works kinda well.

Downside is I have to commit to running it for 6 hours at a time.

Okay I took the plunge on the keyboard. Ended up costing even more due to shipping so I was hesitant. I'm thinking though if something is quality maybe it's worth paying more, we'll see.

So sick of Reddit, filled with posts that basically go like:

OP: Clickbait headline.
Top comment: "Wow OP that's such an amazing fact! I never knew! I'm gonna tell all my friends! Here's my upvote!"
Next comment: Funny maymay joke Goldx2 Silverx10 100 replies.
Buried comment by domain expert: "This is actually completely and entirely factually incorrect"

I kinda wanna get that system76 keyboard but damn it's expensive.

Incomprehensible life rant 

Dying of thirst; surrounded by seawater, while the world screams to drink it.

The signal is no longer distinguishable from the noise. An interconnected world that vies for attention, yet isolation grows.

A famine of genuine healing.

My RGB LED case fans are supposed to be white here as I usually have it set to but they suddenly seem to have started failing. Oh well, the new colour pattern it makes looks pretty cool.

My whole life feels like a didn't invest in crypto meme, thanks Elon for making it worse.

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