Will I ever get past this mental block

@cidoku hey I just thought of something, what if, hey what if there were a licence, where in order access the stuff, you have to make a monetary payment to the creator! I'm a genius.

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Mastodon rant 

Seems to me that Mastodon is losing its core tech audience to Pleroma. The writing is on the wall then cause if it loses that it's basically doomed IMO.

It's quite dismaying. It's hard enough to convince people to switch from commercial platforms. It means the tech side needs to be fricken bulletproof.

@lynne Oh so Mastodon always re-encodes... so that's why that other video looked bad quality.

It killed the quality to save 6.5mb, was that really worth it?

@bumbervevo I'd suggest trying Python, It's fun and has a lot of what you mention; is installed on most distros and doesn't require any boilerplate to get started.

Getting a book is worth it if you really wanna get into programming though.

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@lynne an avatar could be a neural connected telepresent blue humanoid alien creature on a remote jungle planet. PFP is more specific.

@RSKYS new One Piece is also good though so I think its okay

Remember to wash your hands every 20 seconds.

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@lynne maybe people haven't been active so just haven't seen your invite yet.

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@RSKYS I'm already on a 100mb connection, but even for like a 200MB album that's like 20 seconds, I'm too impatient for that!

@lynne no worries I can always just click through. Just vexing that it feels like Mastodon is missing out on the cool features.

@lynne it's all unreadable for me in dumb elephant world :buncry:

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