Will I ever get past this mental block

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Mastodon rant 

Seems to me that Mastodon is losing its core tech audience to Pleroma. The writing is on the wall then cause if it loses that it's basically doomed IMO.

It's quite dismaying. It's hard enough to convince people to switch from commercial platforms. It means the tech side needs to be fricken bulletproof.

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Remember to wash your hands every 20 seconds.

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I do wonder if Mastodon devs insistence on limitations and refusal to add features is a good thing or not.

I'm usually pretty good at observing how stuff works, but how the buttons on my Wacom pen work without power, now that's a mystery.

It used to be that I worried about "archiving" with FLAC, but now I just want music to download faster.

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I found it while trying out Bottles usebottles.com/. I'll probably keep this installed, does seem to solve the mess of multiple prefixes.

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Oh shit the memories man. Too bad it seems to crash on gameplay.

Here's a before and after of the experimental surface scaling; makes it look much better.

I was thinking, how can it be 2021 and we still don't have an og Xbox emulator, but turns out there is one now! youtube.com/watch?v=omaWgYB4jx

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