Watching season 9 of SG1 for the first time and it's like I'm watching Farscape.

Ubuntu really needs to go away. Snap is going to be such a pain point for new users where we really need to be rallying behind Flatpak.

Oh Arch Linux, why do you corrupt the EFI partition. Oh UEFI devs, why did you choose FAT.

Its frustrating reading the Mastodon github and seeing issues/pr's that are years old with no action. Devs are just like "I don't see what the problem is" or "its too expensive".

I get that something is better than nothing, but hopefully its existence isn't drawing attention away from any other system made by someone with half a brain.

Federation needs to be entirely transparent to the user. Having "you don't happen to see these posts for * federation quirk" is unacceptable.

SDL2s built in drawing API can now use float positioning. That's neat. Still behind SFML in being able to load shaders and stuff though.

Shit user story:

As a
— Tusky user
I want...
— posts to not have reply indicators
So that...
— I can avoid participating in conversations.

I don't think the plot of Stargate being about a secret government program has aged well. It's annoying to think a government would try to keep such a thing secret.

The superior US vs incompetent Russia thing didn't age well either.

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MMOs are entire universes created to suck the money out of a completely different universe
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I had a dream last night in which I was playing Pokemon, now I want to play Pokemon.

Shower thought: I can tie a shoelace using muscle memory, but I have no idea how such a knot mechanically works.

Young anime fans growing up today will never know the age of fansubbing.

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